Atom BOOM HP Alloy



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The Boom range has now expanded with the Atom Boom HP Alloy!  The new 'HP' hub makes the wheels 6 grams lighter per wheel, with the hub providing more power in edging and digging. The Alloy hub ads an extra stiffness for increased precision and handling.  The BOOM Power Lip technolgy makes the wheel an all in one giving you power, speed, grip, agility, and so much more. The new formula guarantees maximum grip on multiple surfaces. Atom's Boom wheel is the newest universal wheel, giving the same results on every surface.

Available in these hardnesses:

FIRM (about 88A) - Black
X- FIRM (about 91A) - Gray
XX-FIRM (about 93A) - White

The grippiness/hardness may sounds howver the feel is completely different to a regular indoor urethane, giving more grip with more hardness so the durometer doesn't match the grip.