Atom Juke HP Alloy

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Juke HP Alloy features all the benefits of the standard Juke but with an Alloy core for extra precision and speed! The sporty lime green urethane is now the all new GAMETHANE on an improved hollow core with a lip for extra control.  Perfect for flat track derby, skaters can 'juke', maneuver, speed up and slow down MUCH easier! Jukes also allow for quicker hockey stops and faster recovery.  One of the favorite wheels amoungst the sports top competitors, if you are looking for performance, here it is!

  • GAMETHANE formula provides longer life, more speed, maximum control and stability
  • Hollow Cap is designed specifically for dramatic weight reduction
  • Molded Lip allows for increased control and stability (especially in blocks and curves)

Set of 4 Wheels

Size: 59mm
Width: 38mm

Juke 88A - all the manouverability without the loss of grip (yellow hub)

Juke 91A - solid combination of grip and starting power (blue hub)

Juke 93A - classic hardness for ideal surfaces and performance (pink hub)

Juke 95A - good grip with maximum roll (purple hub)