Bionic BigFoot Toe Stop

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Best in its class…the best toe stop from Bionic there has ever been!

Bigfoot stoppers were designed with performance as a priority. THE ULTIMATE STOPPER was developed with the largest footprint (59mm) available without the issue of wheels rubbing, superior grip and the highest rebound ever produced!

Bigfoot stoppers are TOOLS NOT TOYS. Looking to improve your game immediately, stop/start faster, hold your position longer, create stronger walls of defense, and yet move in any direction seamlessly and confidently? Bionic BIGFOOT is your answer.

• 59mm footprint
• Angled to prevent wheels from touching (guaranteed up to 66mm)
• Pre-angled bottom (zero break-in period)
• 30mm stem
• 5/8” Stem 
• American Standard Thread

Bigfoot toe stops are high-performance stoppers designed for ultimate grip and rebound. They are NOT designed to be LONG LASTING.

Nistevo Sport will not warranty the short life span of X-Grip Bionic BIGFOOT stoppers which are designed with high performance in mind. Not recommended for outdoor or abrasive surfaces such as asphalt/cement.