Bont 688 (8mm) Mini Bearings

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Genuine Swiss Bearings: Bont partnered with Jesa for high end bearings. Jesa is the largest specialty bearing manufacturer in Switzerland and was established in 1969. Jesa is renowned for providing solutions for some of the most difficult applications, with its ‘clean sheet’ approach to each project. Jesa don’t make any standard bearings, they make specialty bearings for each customer’s application.

Low Friction

With an exceptionally fine polished surface finish on the bearing tracks and incredibly precise balls. The better the finish is on the bearing, the less resulting drag. In addition, light weight plastic cages also create lower resistance. The less energy spent making the bearing roll, the more energy converted into speed.


Under load and at speed, bearings warp. Cheaper bearings tend to be made from soft steel which tend to warp a lot. This warping slows the bearings down. Bont Jesa bearings are made from high grade hardened steel which work to keep the bearing as round as possible. This means that the Bont Jesa bearing don't slow down as much from warping as most bearings do.


Most bearings are quickly polished in one direction to remove any metal fragments left behind in the manufacturing process. Bont Jesa bearings are finely polished in both directions to ensure the balls roll with the least amount of friction possible.


Jesa increased the radial clearance providing slightly less ‘total contract ball patches’, which reduces drag. The bearings are made with 'Swiss Precision'. Each bearing is individually tested to make sure it performs at Jesa's high standards.