Bont Royal Assassin

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Size: 61X38mm. Sold as set of 4.

Bont Royal Assassin wheels only accept 167 or 688 bearings to save weight. They will not fit the standard 608 bearings.

If you use 7mm axles on your plates, choose the 167 bearings.
If you use 8mm axles on your plates, choose the 688 bearings.

An Introduction to Hot Cure Urethane

Virtually every quad wheel on the market is made using cold cure urethane made by a machine. Cold cure urethanes cure in a matter of minutes so it is suitable for the mass production of wheels. The Royal Assassin wheel uses a more exotic urethane which is a type of urethane that needs to be baked in an oven for 14 hours to cure. The urethane is poured by hand into the molds and after the baking process they are trimmed one at a time in the lathe. The labor intensive process means that very few wheels can be produced per day and hence the reason it is only used for very small scale, extremely high end applications. However, the results are amazing. This urethane exhibits characteristics not found in cold cured urethane such as much greater wear properties. That means that the Royal Assassin will last longer than any skate wheel on the market. It is a labor of love, and you can feel the difference!

Mini Bearing Hub

No expense has been spared on the Royal Assassin wheels fully aluminum hub. The hubs are extruded and machined from 6061 T6 aluminum. The hub is designed to fit Bont’s 167 or 688 micro bearings which in combination form the lightest full size wheel on the market. This combination gives you a weight saving of more than 20% over a normal wheel and bearing. This is very noticeable weight advantage for your quad setup. The wheel weighs just 85 grams and the bearing weighs 4 grams. As the hub is designed to fit the micro bearings, no adapter is needed.

3D Design

We set out to design a hub that was larger than usual. We knew that we had the luxury of having the highest rebounding urethane on the market so we could get away with making an oversized hub without sacrificing rebound. We also felt that 608 and 627 bearings are overkill for quad skating and they just add weight. So the combination of a small bearing hole with a larger outer diameter was our starting point. For the spoke design, we wanted something simple, strong, and aesthetically pleasing while keeping the weight to a minimum.

Urethane Shape

The shape of the urethane affects the feel of the wheel especially the shape of the lip. With this in mind, Bont paid careful attention on creating the lip of the wheel based on feedback from sponsored skaters.