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The DBX4 boot features a tough vulcanized rubber sole, giving you a sturdy base that can take all the punishment you’ve got. This boot is finished in a lightweight vegan microfiber exterior, which is super tough and offers incredible resistance against scuffing. This boot is perfectly paired with the elegant lines of the CNC Aircraft grade aluminium Venus plate. With 20 degree action, this plate will show you edges and grip on the apex that you never thought possible. A stride in the right direction for the bouting skater or bowl-going devotee – The Argon package combines performance and style wrapped in a bulletproof exterior.

The DBX4 boot utilises Crazy Skate's Patented heel lock technology, heat moulding and specially designed power straps to keep your foot locked in place while you play. Maximising the comfort and efficiency of movement that keeps you performing while other skaters battle fatigue and strain.  The performance cut boot style promotes all of the features of the support cut boot, but takes into consideration a heightened level of ankle mobility for the agile skater.  The lower cut ankle feature does not compromise the ‘support or “seat” of the boot for your feet.  It provides the skater with a choice that allows increased mobility of the ankle. 

*If you are unsure about your size, we are here to help!  Avoid unnecessary shipping charges and get in touch with your foot measurements for a quick and easy consultation. We want you to have the BEST fit and can help you get on track the first time you order!*

  • DBX 4 boot with heat-shapeable ABS counters featuring:
  • HLT Heel Lock Technology - Latex & Memory foam counter for a perfect fit for every foot
  • 3D Tongue - a soft padded tongue that forms to the natural anatomy of your foot
  • Microfiber full Vegan boot
  • IFS Integrated Footbed System - providing full support for your feet 
  • Venus Plates - Full CNC extruded aircraft aluminum with 8mm trucks
  • Crazy ILQ-9 Twin-Cam Pro 8mm bearings
  • Jinx 93a Slim wheels