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The MOTA Mojo Fiberglass quad boots provide an unparalleled fit & performance quality, named “Smart-Fit”.Smart-Fit includes an extreme fitted heel cup, anatomical foot shape (named last), built in anatomical foot bed, anatomical toe box that follows the shape of your foot and gives your toes more space for control and comfort.

*If you are unsure about your size, we are here to help!  Avoid unnecessary shipping charges and get in touch with your foot measurements for a quick and easy consultation. We want you to have the BEST fit and can help you get on track the first time you order!*


  • Heat moldable - heat gun, oven, steam are all acceptable molding techniques.
  • 1200 watt (or higher power) blow dryer for minor adjustments on the go.
  • Molding can be repeated as many times as needed without sacrificing the integrity of the boot.
  • Heat moldable heel cup, designed with an extreme fit. The molding ensures the fit is tight for no slipping. Reduces blister as well as enhances performance.
  • Anatomical foot bed provides side to side support, a slight toe lift for more control, metatarsal support to help keep toes apart and relaxed, ball space to prevent blisters and calluses. 
  • Anatomical toe box gives your toes more space for control and comfort. The toe shape eliminates space in front of your toes, allowing for the correct size plate.
  • Weight per boot: size 6.5, 369 Grams with foot bed and heel lift

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