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PowerDyne has re-done the revolutionary Arius, and made it stronger with tighter performance.  A complete reinvention of the quad roller skate plate, the patented Arius Platinum is lighter, stronger, more stable, more powerful, more maneuverable, and more efficient than any other plate in the line.

The key to the design is efficiency.  Traditional kingpin action plates pinch a corner of the round cushion against the kingpin to produce movement, an inefficient design requiring constant adjustment, tinkering and exotic mounts to find optimal performance.  The patanted Arius features Progressive Lateral Movement of the truck.  The axle presses the Cushion Crown evenly against the entire surface of the the specially shaped Butterfly Cushion.  The result is stability with immense amounts of action.

Frequently Asked Questions from PowerDyne/GrnMnstr:
Q: Is this a 45 degree?
A: Not in the traditional sense. With the Arius, we have completely reinvented the way a roller skate truck action works. There is no king pin, so we don’t call it a 45 degree or any degree.

Q: How do I adjust the cushions?
A: Because of this breakthrough design, the fine tuning cushion adjustment you are used to with an old fashioned kingpin is completely unnecessary. To get a softer or firmer feel, simply swap out the Butterfly Cushion.

Q: What does it feel like?
A: The Arius feels like nothing you have ever skated before. To say that it is more powerful, responsive,stable, and maneuverable is an understatement. Once you have adjusted to the Arius, you may never be able to skate old fashioned kingpin type plates again.

Q: Is this for a short forward mount?
A: You could, but it is completely unnecessary. People use extreme mounts like that to overcome movement limitations of the traditional kingpin design. With the Arius, you get as much maneuverability as you want simply because of the patented cushion and truck design. For optimal performance on other brands, we recommend that the front axle be under the ball of the foot and the rear axle be under the heel