PowerDyne Revenge/Rival Magic Cushions



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Available in 4 hardnesses, replacement cushions are one of cheapest ways to make a significant upgrade to your skates!

Made from high quality urethane, Magic Cushions (some people call them "bushings") retain energy and release it when you need it most. Just like shocks on a car, Magic Cushions absorb track imperfections, keep you connected to the floor, load up when pressed, and then release your stored power in a forceful yet predictable manner.

Some people get a couple different packs of Magic Cushions and mix and match them for true customization.

Revenge Magic Cushions

fit PowerDyne Revenge trucks with conical cushion cups and also serve as replacement cushions for any PowerDyne plate that has been outfitted with the PowerDyne Hop-Up Kit. The pack includes 4 high rebound universal cushions and 4 high rebound conical top cushions.

Red (78A - Soft): Lightweight / Flexible
Orange (82A - Medium): Middleweight / Compromising
Yellow (85A - Hard): Heavyweight / Resistance
Purple (89A - XFirm):  Heavyweight / Extreme Resistance