Get geared up with the best beginner package for the price. This package will set you up with everything you need to hit the track with super protection you can count on.  No compromises!  This package has better knee and elbow pads than the Basic Package, with stronger, longer lasting skates.

Our Protected Package includes:

Skates Chaya Ruby or Riedell R3 (Derby and Outdoor Options)
Protection 187 Combo Pack, 187 Wrist Guards
Helmet TSG Ride Helmet (black)
Mouthguard   Basic Mouthguard
Tool Basic Tool
Toe Guard Riedell Toe Guard of your color choice







The Chaya Ruby Skates are perfect for wide to standard width feet.
The Riedell R3 Skates are perfect for narrow to standard width feet.

1. upgrade your R3 skates to the Derby Version for better wheels, more grip and control with a larger toe cap
2. upgrade your mouthguard to the SISU for less bulk and more comfort

European Size Recommended R3 Skate Size
35 2
36 3
37 4
38 5
39 6
40 6 or 7
41 7
42 8
43 9
44 10
45 11
46 12
47 13
48 14

Protected Rookie Package

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