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Up your agility with the Evader 59 mm wheelThe formula of Reckless XE wheels has better all around performance featuring even better grip, stronger cores, better durability and fancy new colors. The Reckless® 38 mm wheels provide skaters with a happy medium between narrow wheels for agility and wide wheels for stability, by giving you the benefits of both worlds. Reckless wheels give the skater a ‘lip’ that is needed for adding more stability, grip, and ‘snap’ at the end of your push. this revolutionary molded lip on a mid-width wheel is exclusive to reckless, and it will give you the advantage necessary to take your skating to the next level.

As always, the 59 mm Evader XE gives a skater the ability to start and stop quicker, with greater lateral movement and agility than with standard sized wheels. The smaller profile also gives you a lower ‘center of gravity’, which improves stability.

Set of 4 Wheels

Size and Width: 59mm x38mm


Yellow 88A
White 91A
Orange 93A
Blue 95A


Skaters say: Holy crap these suckers are light! We all know that the majority of the weight in our skates comes from the hardware, maybe the plate, and the wheels.... these wheels solve one of those problems.  Not only are they incredibly light, but extremely stiff... so really fast and the slightly wider form means great handling!