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We have 1 last set of 4 available as they are out of production! Get them before they are gone!

Roll-Line's Hub has extremely close tolerances for roundness, trueness, and for the cage where bearings and spacers are mounted. The tread is a cast urethane BiCompound formula. With the ultra-narrow profile, these wheels will test and ensure your weight distribtion and skating technique is on point!  They are so slim, they don't stick out from the sides of your boot, keeping your steps incredibly precise and agile!

Continuing the Grease product line, Roll-Line has reinvented the wheel giving it properties that are normally not achievable in the one wheel, tight grip and super roll.  The large Hub and smaller, thinner tread produces one of the lightest, tightest, and best rolling wheels available.

Set of 4 Wheels

Size: 63mm
Width: 31mm
Hardness: 99A