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The RAPIDO Wheels are the grippier alternative to the GREASE series. With tight grip and super roll, Roll-Line based the design on the 'low rider' tire concept: large hub and a smaller, thinner tread. This produced one of the lightest, tightest, and best rolling wheels available. Roll-Line has developed the Delrin Hub which is incredibly strong, very light, and with extremely close tolerances for roundness, trueness, and for the cage where the bearings and spacers are mounted.

The Roll-Line tread is a cast trethane BiCompound Formula, which provides tight grip, without the tire compression that is normally associated with a wheel of this caliber. The RAPIDO 92A and 94A Wheels are for skating surfaces a large range of grip.  The outside face of the Hubs on RAPIDO, show the color of the hub which identifies the hardness of the wheel.

Size: 62 X 31 mm
Hardness: 92A (green hub) or 94 (white hub)

Sold in Packs of 4 Wheels ONLY 1 SET OF EACH HARDNESS LEFT