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Speed rings live up to their name. These little metal rings go on your trucks, next to your bearings to improve speed and allow you to keep your wheels on TIGHT!  They do this by localizing all the pressure from your wheel locking nut onto the center steel rings of your bearings.  That means the bearings are held fast at their base, with less room for movement which gives you faster bearings. 

There are 3 different places you can place them on your skates:

1. At the base of your truck. 

-Take your wheels off and look at the base of your axle.  Some trucks come with 'built in' speed rings already there. The Powerdyne Thrust, Dynapro, and Revenge for example all have these 'built in' ones there. 

2. Inside your wheel between the spacer and wheel hub.

-Sometimes there are material variations and your spacers can be just 1 mm too small for the wheel hub.  When this happens, if you tighten your wheel locking nut completely your bearings still won't turn freely because they are actually being bent toward each other.  You can place a speed ring in this space to get a snug fit.

3. Between your outside bearing and wheel lock nut.

-This acts the same as the speed ring at the base of the truck.  Putting a speed ring here helps focus the pressure of the wheel lock nut, allowing your wheels to turn faster.

These really work best when used with spacers!

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