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Derby Love, Great Vengeance & Master Blaster

Sponsored League Interview

LEAGUE NAME: Brussels Derby Pixies
CITY, COUNTRY: Brussels, Belgium
HOW MANY TEAMS: 2 teams (the Pixies All Stars and the Atomium Kittens, the B Team)
WHEN WERE YOU FOUNDED: February 2011 by Kenny Jean. She started roller derby with the One Love Roller Dolls from Antwerp while she was still living and studying in Brussels. Since Antwerp is 45 min away from Brussels by train, she could not attend practices as much as she wished. Therefore, with a few friends she decided to build a league in Brussels with the support of One Love. At the time, she did not realize how big the league would become in just a few years.
WHEN DOES YOUR SEASON RUN:  Our season begins mid-August and ends mid-July; the skaters with MST train twice a week ( 2 and a half hours on Thursdays, 3 hours on Sundays) and our freshmeats once a week (2 hours on Mondays), but we invite skaters from all levels to come to every practice, even if it means that they’ll only practice their skills on the side.
ARE YOU WFTDA?: We acquired the WFTDA full membership in June 2015: we were the third roller derby league in Belgium to obtain this status.
WHAT IS YOUR LEAGUE MOST PROUD OF: What defines us the most is the mix of competitiveness and fun: we work hard but we strive to maintain our legendary happy and fun spirit, and to foster the concepts of sisterhood and family in our league. Everywhere in Europe, the Pixies are famous for being the queens of the after party, and their silly jokes even (and especially when) they lose.
WHAT DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH THE MOST: We are constantly working to keep our league alive and improving, despite the many hardships: the difficulty of finding a safe and proper practice environment, the impossibility of organising home events and the financial difficulties we sometimes face. In 2016, we are still here and growing: as the 3rd Belgian league in the rankings, 44th in Europe and 203rd in WFTDA.
WHAT MAKES YOUR LEAGUE SPECIAL: We host as many events as we can every year for the simple pleasure of playing derby, but also to help a non-profit causes. In December, we usually host a “social scrimmage”, where entrance is on clothing donation, that is donated by the league to a non-profit association of our choice afterwards.  In September last year, we organised a scrimmage with the help of Relai pour la Vie (Relay for Life), a non-profit association, where all benefits were donated to support cancer research. We feel that it is important to be involved in the community our league belongs to and we do that by organizing events and supporting worthwhile causes as much as we can.
WHO ARE YOUR SISTER/WIFE LEAGUES:Our wives are The Lutèce Destroyeuses from Paris, France. We got married in 2013, and we would like to congratulate them for their massively impressive season, and for becoming WFTDA full member last month. We are so proud!
WHO ARE YOUR LEAGUE RIVALS: Our rival league is, well, One Love Roller Dolls from Antwerp. They are great, have amazing skaters, and we have never won against them, but this is THE challenge of our team, and we hope that our hard work will soon pay off!
WHO ARE YOUR ON/OFF THE TRACK HEROS:  Our off track hero is Ironella, our line-up manager: she used to skate in our league, but got injured a few years ago. Despite not being able to skate again, she remains involved in the league and became the “mommy” of the A-team.  We think that all skaters in our league are our on track heroes: they all have their own personality and show their passion for roller derby in various different ways. This diversity is what makes our league and its skaters grow, from a newbie league to a WFTDA full-member, from a freshmeat to an A team skater, to an official, NSO or coach.
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