Superball Toe Stops



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60mm of surface contact for SUPER stopping power. The FIRST and ONLY dual durometer toe stops. Harder center pods for longer wear, softer surrounding compound for ultimate grip from the sport's most popular toe stop brand.  If you're looking for more stabilty and power on your toe stops, the SuperBalls provide excellent handling, control and stopping power. Whether you're a brace in the wall or a jammer pushing through, the extra surface contact is going to up your game!

The ingredients used in the compound are natural and uncolored, which provides you with the ultimate stopping power and durability, guaranteed NOT to pop off the stem due to a very innovate design that is wider than standard heads and allows for the stem and rubber to be integrated.

Surprise! Colored stems are packaged and mixed randomly (Blue, Green, Magenta, Red)

Superball Toe Stops are available in two stem lengths:

  • Standard 30mm (recommended)
  • Mini/Short 17mm