Sure-Grip Zombies



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Zombie wheels feature anodized aluminum hubs for maximum durability and precise feel while maintaining rock solid stability. The Zombie core is machined from a solid billet of aluminum, increasing strength and allowing for a precisely machined the hub creating the perfect fit between bearing and inner core.

Choose the Zombie combination that fits your skating style and surface. 

  1. Zombie 62mm Max – 42mm full width wheel design for maximum grip and stability.
  2. Zombie 62mm Mid – Slimmer 38mm width for increased lateral response.
  3. Zombie 58mm Low – Smaller 58mm outer diameter and slimmer 38mm width wheels provide instant acceleration and increased lateral response.
  • 89A Purple Core – Polished concrete and other slippery surfaces for insane grip. Can also be used as a pusher wheel.
  • 92A Black Core – For use on coated surfaces and tile. Loaded with an insane mix of grip and speed.
  • 95A Red Core – For use on sticky surfaces, track, or soft skate court where a hard wheel is desired for increased roll.

Sold in sets of 4