TSG Force III A Knee Pad - sizes S and L



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The Force III A knee pads with high performance Arti-Lage foam are the most advanced vert knee pads available. The Arti-Lage impact pad is soft in use but stiffens on impact, surpassing the shock-absorbing performance of EVA. Fine-tuned with a PE reinforcement insert at the outer side for careless side-slides. With their superior protection and comfortable fit, they are great for skaters who need that extra protection.

  • Ergonomic Pre-Shaped design
  • Strong Cordura construction
  • Arti-lage Impact-Pad
  • Horseshoe shape avoids down shifting of pad
  • Outer side PE reinforcement
  • Comfortable neoprene velcro back closure
  • Reinforced at critical stress points
  • Roundabout top velcro strap
  • The strap wraps around the whole leg offering superior fit adjustment, wearing comfort and protection
  • Bottom back velcro strap for optimal fit.
  • Open-back design
  • Replaceable knee cap
  • Replaceable Cap The PE knee caps can be detached and replaced by new ones (for sale separately).