TSG Roller Derby 2.0 Knee Pad



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Designed specifically for the sport, the Roller Derby 2.0 Kneepads feature a lower profile and an non bulky yet durable pad which offers maximum protection. The pad is equipped with a super strong fixed cap, large and wide to safely cover your patella. Pre-shaped high-density foam absorbs force on impact, designed in a longer length to protect your upper shin. A neoprene butterfly closure on the back is both practical and comfortable. The top strap has a brand new feature to eliminate open velcro-endings: A cover feature with bombproof double-layer Velcro means no more sticking to your own kit or other players in a bout! Both top and bottom straps can be adjusted to fit and a buckle on the bottom strap allows you to easily open it after use.

  • EVA Impact Absorbing Foam
  • Fixed PE cap
  • Pre-Shaped Design
  • Horseshoe shaped foam
  • Neoprene butterfly straps
  • Double-layer top elastic strap
  • Bottom buckle strap
  • Open-Back Design
  • Top and bottom and lateral foam padding
  • Covered Velcro-endings Buckle cover



Top: 33-39 cm / 13-15.25 in

Bottom: 31-34 cm / 12.25-13.5 in


Top: 37-43 cm / 14.5 -17 in

Bottom: 33-36 cm / 13-14.25 in


Top: 40-47 cm / 15.75-18.5 in

Bottom: 35-39 cm / 13.75-15.25 in