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Only available from QUAD, a package of wheels for you test before you buy!  Aren't sure which wheels are best for your floor? Thinking of trying out a new wheel profile, but aren't sure if you'll like it?  Maybe you're ready to go a bit harder, but don't know if you should go up one hardness or two?

No worries! We have you covered.  You can order our soft, middle or hard tester packs and find the wheels that suit you without having to guess.  

Packs include 3 sets of 4 wheels for direct comparison.  You have 1 week to try the wheels and send them back to us.   You can either order a complete set directly or get in touch for further consultation based on your experience.  

  • Soft Pack: Radar Presto 59 in 88A, Radar Halos in 86A, Roll Line Professional 88A
  • Middle Pack: Radar Bullet 59 in 93A, Atom G Rod Alloy in 93A, FASTER DemiRojo 91/93A
  • Hard Pack: Reckless IKON in 95A, Atom BOOM HP Alloy in XX Firm,  RollerBones Turbo in 94A 

The cost of the sample package will then be applied to your future wheel purchase, basically like a deposit. If you choose not to purchase any wheels, we retain the deposit. The deposit cannot be applied to other products than wheels.  Any wheels not returned will be billed for the original selling price.